The 2024 NFL draft is just a week away, and the New England Patriots are set to have the third overall pick in the three-day selection process.

With there being many possibilities for the Patriots in the upcoming draft, New England’s de facto general manager Eliot Wolf is emphasizing that all options are still open for the team.

“We’re open to anything, moving up, moving down,” Wolf stated during his pre-draft press conference on Thursday. “We’re open for business in the first round and every round. We have some needs to address in the draft. We believe in drafting and developing players. The more picks we have, the better. However, if there’s an opportunity to move up based on the draft board, we won’t hesitate to make that move.”

Wolf’s approach is strategic, signaling to other teams that a trade is possible while also considering drafting a quarterback with the third pick.

Keeping the door open for potential trades is wise, as another team could present an offer that benefits the Patriots more than selecting just one player, even if it’s a quarterback, the most critical position in football.