No matter how hard anyone tries to keep something secret in this day and age, there is always an avenue for things to get leaked, which the Detroit Lions might be finding out when it comes to their new uniforms.

In an article posted on USA TODAY’s Lions Wire, which features an affiliate ad from Fanatics to purchase Lions jerseys, it appears Detroit’s new threads have been accidentally leaked.

The article shows three different jerseys, one white, one blue and one black. Here’s a look at some screenshots of all three, courtesy of Lions beat writer Justin Rogers.

There were back shots included in the Lions Wire link above, but the article has since been taken down, which would seem to indicate those were the actual jerseys.

While that is somewhat of a suspense killer, we still don’t have a look at the pants and helmet, so there’s that.

Nevertheless, I’m absolutely in love with all three colors, and especially the black one.

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