The 2024 NFL season is still months away, but all 32 teams, including the New England Patriots, are deeply entrenched in the roster planning phase of the offseason, as they prepare for the battles to come.

For New England, they have a number of positions that still aren’t totally situated with the NFL draft a week away, free agents still available and more trade candidates hitting the market each week.

The offensive line is a group that the Patriots should still be looking to add to before they take the field for their first game in September, but if the season were to start today, they’d be starting Chukwuma Okorafor at left tackle, according to de facto general manager Eliot Wolf.

“We have a solid offensive line,” Wolf shared at his pre-draft press conference on Thursday. “We re-signed Mike Onwenu. We have David Andrews coming back. We have three rookies that we drafted last year that are developing. We signed Okorafor from the Steelers… If the season started tomorrow, I think it would be Okorafor (starting at left tackle), but I think that would probably be more of a question for Coach Mayo.

“He played there in college, and so we went back and watched that film. Obviously, we evaluated when he was coming out. He’s an athletic, big guy, so we feel like he can make that transition back to playing on the left.”

In six NFL seasons, Okorafor has only played two snaps on the left side and over 3,800 on the right. Pro Football Focus graded him as a 60.4 last year. He peaked at 63.6 in 2021.

Expecting a guy to transition back to one of the most important positions in football after essentially six years off is a lot. The Patriots might be better off using their second-round pick on a tackle to try and solidify the position with someone who’s done it more recently.