Cristiano Ronaldo last played for Juventus on August 22, 2021, before transferring back to Manchester United.

During his time in Italy, Ronaldo won the league championship twice, but his relationship with the club deteriorated towards the end. Juventus decided to sell him to Manchester United as he showed no intention of extending his contract.

However, Juventus now faces having to pay Ronaldo a significant sum of money. A legal dispute between the parties was resolved on April 17, 2024, with Juventus losing the argument against Ronaldo’s representatives.

The Sporting News examines the case details and explains why Juventus will have to pay their former player around €10 million.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus Lawsuit: Reason Serie A Club Must Pay Star Nearly €10 Million

The legal case between Juventus and Ronaldo was settled in the player’s favor on April 17, 2024.

As a result, Juventus was ordered to pay Ronaldo a total of €9,774,166.66.


The dispute stemmed from wages that were deferred during the COVID-19 pandemic. As football was suspended in Europe and matches resumed without spectators, clubs faced revenue losses leading to deferred payments, including player salaries.

Juventus claimed that they were not required to repay Ronaldo’s deferred wages due to an agreement made during his transfer to Manchester United. However, the arbitration panel ruled in favor of Ronaldo, ordering Juventus to pay the owed sum and interest.

This case is not the first of its kind for Juventus, as Paulo Dybala also sought unpaid sums from the club.

When did Cristiano Ronaldo Sign for Juventus?

Ronaldo joined Juventus from Real Madrid on July 10, 2018, in a record-breaking transfer worth €112 million.

It was the most expensive signing by an Italian club for a player over the age of 30.

Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus Goals, Trophies, Records

Ronaldo scored 101 goals in 134 games for Juventus across all competitions until his return to Manchester United in 2022.

While Ronaldo’s goal-scoring record was impressive, Juventus did not achieve the level of team success anticipated. They won two Serie A titles and other trophies, but fell short in winning the UEFA Champions League.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth, Salary at Al Nassr

According to Forbes, Ronaldo’s net worth as of 2023 was $136 million.

Ronaldo earns significant sums from commercial agreements, including his CR7 brand. He reportedly earns around $213 million annually from his wages at Al Nassr.