The new contract for Indianapolis Colts star defensive tackle DeForest Buckner helped in more ways than one, including freeing up some space against the salary cap.

Before the Colts signed Buckner to a two-year extension worth $46 million, they had roughly $14 million in salary-cap space remaining. With the majority of that being held to the side for the 2024 NFL Draft class, the Colts weren’t working with much.

However, the new contract Buckner signed reduced his cap hit for the 2024 season, freeing up a ton of money for the Colts.

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Colts have $28.4M in salary cap space after Buckner contract

The Colts added a slight wrinkle to Buckner’s contract, using a tactic we haven’t seen often from this regime. The addition of two voided years on the back of the contract helped reduce Buckner’s cap hit for the 2024 season by $14.4 million.

Because of that move, the Colts now have $28.4 million in salary-cap space and $24.8 million in effective salary-cap space (which includes contracts for projected draft picks), according to Over The Cap.

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The move to reduce his cap hit in 2024 gives the Colts the flexibility to make one or two moves before or after the draft. Whether that will actually come to fruition is another conversation entirely.

Regardless, this new contract is a big win for the Colts. They locked up a premier defender for two extra seasons and even though they pushed some money down the road, doing so every once in a while is fine.

We’ll see if the Colts wind up making more moves with this added salary-cap space, but having the flexibility to do so is nice.