With just hours to go before the Detroit Lions were set to unveil their new uniforms, the jerseys were accidentally leaked through an article on USA TODAY’s Lions Wire, something the team has since confirmed.

The article, which has since been taken down, was an affiliate ad from Fanatics and showed one black, one blue and one white jersey, although it did not show the helmets or pants.

Lions beat writer Justin Rogers was nice enough to provide some screenshots for us on X.

Just minutes later, the Lions posted a hilarious video on their social media that featured defensive lineman Alim McNeill confirming that the accidental leak was real.

“Whoever leaked the uniform video, we appreciate it,” McNeill said while shaking his head. “We appreciate you ruining all the hard work we put in. Video coming soon.”

The Lions also posted a video featuring quarterback Jared Goff.

Well, that’s one awesome way to confirm a leak. It remains to be seen if the Lions are now going to move up their unveiling because of the leak or if the process will remain status quo. Either way, we’ll have full coverage once the new uniforms are officially and fully revealed.

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