Since the New England Patriots and former head coach Bill Belichick mutually parted ways, the team and those around it, have seemed to put a lot of the blame for its current state squarely on Belichick’s shoulders.

Much has been made about Belichick’s portrayal in the docuseries “The Dynasty,” which had credited Kraft Productions in its making.

Now, according to ESPN, the shots are much more direct, as they’ve reported that a source close to Belichick claims Kraft spoke poorly of the coach to Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank.

“Robert called Arthur to warn him not to trust Bill,” the source told ESPN. That source was also backed up by someone close to Kraft.

Another source close to Kraft told ESPN that “[Kraft] found Bill to be extremely difficult and obstinate and kind of stubborn and, in the end, not worthy of his trust. And also very, very, very arrogant.”

According to ESPN, Patriots vice president of communications Stacey James denied that the Patriots owner “said anything disparaging about Belichick during the owners’ two phone conversations in January.”

“Robert steadfastly denies saying anything negative to Arthur Blank about Bill Belichick after Robert and Bill mutually agreed to part ways,” James said. “In fact, Robert advocated for Bill to get the job.”

Things are getting ugly at 1 Patriot Place, and Kraft needs to take his fair share of responsibility for how the team has performed in recent years. Yes, Belichick made the calls at the end of the day, but only one man can sign off on these decisions.