The Best Sports Bars in the US: Where to Watch Your Favorite Team

The Best Sports Bars in the US: Where to Watch Your Favorite Team

The Best Sports Bars in the US: Where to Watch Your Favorite Team

If you’re looking for a great sports bar to catch your favorite team in action, you’re in luck. The United States is home to countless bars with big screens and delicious food and drinks. Here are some of the best:

Buffalo Wild Wings

With over 1200 locations across the US, it’s hard to go wrong with Buffalo Wild Wings. They offer a huge selection of beers, wings, and other tasty snacks, making it a perfect spot to watch football, basketball, or any other sport.


Hooters has long been a popular spot for watching sports, thanks to its atmosphere, which is equal parts fun and energetic. And while it’s known for its famous wings, Hooters also has a great selection of beers and other snacks.

B-Dubs Express

If you’re looking for a more casual spot to catch the game, B-Dubs Express may be just what you need. This smaller, more intimate version of Buffalo Wild Wings has all the same great snacks and drinks, but with a cozier atmosphere.


While Chili’s may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think “sports bar,” it’s actually a great spot for watching the game. They have big screens, tasty food and drinks, and a relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for kicking back and enjoying the action.


If you’re a fan of craft beer, you’ll love Brewzzi. This Florida-based chain offers a huge selection of beers on tap, as well as a menu full of delicious food and snacks. And of course, there are plenty of TVs for watching sports.

With so many great sports bars to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for catching your favorite team in action. Whether you prefer a big, boisterous atmosphere or something more low-key and relaxed, there’s a sports bar out there that’s just right for you.

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